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doctor explains what is aba therapy to patien

What is ABA Therapy?

What is ABA therapy? Applied behavior analysis – or ABA for short – is often considered to be the “gold standard” of autism spectrum disorder treatment programs. This therapy seeks to help autistic children improve social, developmental, and learning skills through positive reinforcement. It also helps medical professionals understand how behavior works and how it…

child participates in screening for autism spectrum disorder

Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder

There are many early signs of autism, such as a lack of eye contact, delayed speech, and showing few signs of emotion. However, it’s impossible to know if a child is on the autism spectrum unless they undergo screening for autism spectrum disorder. Learn more about these screening tools, and where to find the right…

child struggles with non verbal autism

Non Verbal Autism

Many people identify autism based on language and social interactions such as delayed speech, monotonous tone of voice, and constant repetition of words or phrases. However, as many as 40% of children with autism don’t speak at all. Those with non-verbal autism may be mistaken for mutes and not receive the speech therapy for autism…